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Padbus was created about in about 1980 to combine my interest in model making with my interest in bus timetables. It is, therefore, a totally fictional operation set in a real location. This is the reverse of the practice adopted by many railway modellers who tend to model real railway companies running in fictional locations.

2 November 2022
Fleet News Round Up
Following the withdrawal of the Kemble Station to Bath section of service X4 (Oxford-Bath), tri-axle single deckers 564 (OH17 SCR) Volvo B8RLE/Wright Eclipse 3 SuperMax, 568 (OF63 SCV) Mercedes-Benz Citaro LU and 571 (OL18 SCY) Volvo B8RLEA/Wright Eclipse 3 Fusion Combo have moved into the reserve fleet. 

All the buses that have ever operated for Padbus since its formation in 1980 are shown in the following fleetlist. Whilst there are no surviving records of the fleet in its very early days, records dating from 1986 include enough information to draw up this complete list.

    630 thumb

This gallery covers the whole fleet, past and present, but there are some gaps where no pictures have been found for vehicles no longer in the fleet.

The routes, timetables and maps shown on these pages are purely fictional
They exist solely to give some structure to the Padbus model fleet. They should not be taken as giving any indication of bus services as they actually exist in and around Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.  


Padbus is not the only fictional model fleet and this website exists mainly for the interest of fellow fleet operators. Other model fleet operators with their own websites include Crossways, Eldorado Motors, Red Rover and Southwestbus.

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